*Urgent* Keep dressing dry and clean after big toenail surgery?

Post date: 2021-07-24 01:49:07
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How do I shower, walk around and keep the dressing dry and clean?

I have to go back to have my dressing changed every 3 days for two weeks after partial big toenail removal. How do I keep my foot/dressing dry and clean in the meantime?

I just showered with a plastic bag taped around my foot. I propped it up on a plastic shower stool but it was the most awkward shower of my life.

I am going to order some kind of shower protector.

Due to the bulk of the dressing, I have trouble wearing my usual indoor house shoes. Do you have any suggestion on what I can slip over the now bulky foot (especially the big toe area is huge now) so I can walk around? Bonus if I can wear it to bed. I currently have a loose sock on.

Help, I've never had surgery before, this was a sudden surgery and I was totally unprepared beforehand emotionally and supplies-wise. I am single, have no one to look after me and don't know how I am going to survive the next two weeks.

I've dosed myself with all the painkillers and can just hobble around. I've never had to deal with a limb that I can't wash for two weeks and I don't know how to deal with the ickiness. Any mental tips?

Of course, this had to happen just when my city is suffering from a wave of Covid-19 Delta variant cases and I am not fully vaccinated yet (had my second shot last week), adding greatly to my stress. In addition, I have work (WFH). I had to take a cab home because I have trouble walking now.
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