Have you ever been in a focus group that worked?

Post date: 2021-07-22 03:18:43
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I'm trying to understand the dynamics of a successful focus/study group. What has worked for you?

I've taken a couple of courses recently where it's recommended that people form a focus group. The format is remote zoom sessions of around 5 people where one person takes a turn on the hot seat so that session they discuss their progress in the course and obstacles with input from others.

I'm curious if this works, or if people have been in a focus group that worked for them to get through an online course? What format did the group use? How did it organize? Did the course moderators organize the group members or did people self-select into the group?

The value created by being in the group should in theory be greater than the hassles of setting it up and getting people to attend. What's worked for you in the past, or not worked?
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