Safe to wear heated thermal garments while pregnant?

Post date: 2021-03-04 10:37:32
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I'm going to be working at an outdoor job site for a few days. The employees will be given "thin electric heated thermals" to wear- basically battery operated long johns. I'm 17 weeks pregnant but my workplace doesn't know. Is this safe? Can I make it safer?

We'll all have to be outside for about 8 hours, and every other person will be wearing the heated thermals, so if my cold tolerance is much less than everyone else's, that's a problem. I won't have leeway to leave the group, and there won't really be anywhere to go to warm up.

I have to wear a specific uniform for work - basically a warm fall outfit with layers - not terrible but not warm enough to be outside all day in the winter. I cannot add extra layers over it as all employees need to match.

So I pretty much have to wear the thermals but I'm a bit worried. My plan was:

Wear another layer against my skin below them
Wear wool and silk etc to stay extra warm
Be very familiar with how to turn the thermals off and take heat breaks
Drink lots of water
Pad my belly area with extra fabric so the heat is buffered over that area

Anything else I can do? Anything specific I should be aware of?
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