Guitar plugin recommendations for home recording?

Post date: 2021-03-03 08:01:33
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For producing music at home, on a PC with Reaper, what VST/amp modeling/FX software should I be using? Seems like the main contenders are Amplitube and Native Instruments's Guitar Rig, but I'd love to hear about whatever else you got. I'm not looking for free stuff, particularly.

I'm a primarily-acoustic guitarist, fingerpicker, and songwriter, writing in kind of a Simon and Garfunkel-y vein. I've done a lot of layering of vocal harmonies, adding midi keyboards, and so on, but I still have somewhat limited options for electric guitar sounds. I could probably eenie-meenie-miney-moe it between Amplitube and Guitar Rig and maybe one or two other fairly obvious choices, and end up reasonably happy with any of them, but I thought I'd see if anybody in here has strong feelings on the subject. (What I've been posting on Instagram is mostly covers rather than original music, but if anybody's interested, this is me.) Thanks for anything you've got to say about this.
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