Mediocre zoom

Post date: 2021-01-20 19:13:22
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I want low quality videoconferencing experience.

I have a lot of awful meetings now and I just don't want to appear crystal clear on my webcam. I'd prefer that my camera were of serviceable but grainy quality, especially for big meetings where my camera is required to be on only for asinine reasons. I want to be there, but not in high definition 1080p full color clarity.

Does anyone have suggestions for a webcam setup that will work with Zoom, but not work well? My laptop is a newer macbook and has usb C ports. The camera is of excellent quality. I have a feeling that a low quality webcam set up farther away from my face would be a great option, but would like specific recommendations for cameras or for camera placements that will make me less legible on screen.
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