How do I find my kind of D&D group?

Post date: 2021-01-21 03:19:00
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My D&D group didn't survive the move to lockdown remote play. I'd like to join another game, but while I can theoretically see how to find a group to join, I'm not sure how to find a group that would work for me? Would have to be online only, of course. No gathering around a table around here for quite a long time yet.

I see that you can search for groups on roll20, for example, but that seems pretty hit and miss. Also, I'm a 49 year old woman and I suspect that I would make an awkward fit for a typical group of players. I'm a relative beginner, but have played for about 2 years so understand the mechanics. I prefer more narrative driven games with interesting interactions with NPCs to "fight and loot" dungeon crawls. I'm also curious about other role playing games, I've heard of a few that seem intriguing ("Lasers and Feelings"?)
Where do I even start with this? Hardly any of my friends are interested in role playing games so starting my own group among my friends doesn't seem feasible. How can I find out about existing, online groups who might be open to a new player? Another problem is that I'm in South Africa, so time zones might be an issue.
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