How to organize 150 rolls of negatives for scanning?

Post date: 2021-01-14 08:30:42
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I have a ton of negatives from the pre-digital era that I'm sending off to be scanned professionally. How do you recommend I organize them?

I have 150 rolls worth (kids, ask your parents) of those little folios you used to get from photo centers containing 36 double prints and the negatives. They are physically in good shape, but I can't send them as-is because of course the service will scan the (double) prints and that's stupid. So I need to separate out the negatives. The service will use an identifying title on the negatives as the album name so I can keep these straight. Unfortunately, the negatives don't have the date on them (or at least many of them don't). So should I repackage the negatives in ordinary paper envelopes with the date written on them? Ziploc bags? Is it worth getting those archival pages for negative strips? The service (ScanCafe, if it matters) will take the negatives out of the sheets and put them back in, so it wouldn't be completely wasted effort. However I doubt I will ever look at the negatives again after they are digitized. I haven't looked at the prints or the negatives in 15 years. These snapshots have only family interest. If anyone has done this and has advice, it would be really appreciated.
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