How can I record singing on iPad Pro (GarageBand) with mic + headphones?

Post date: 2020-12-02 09:35:20
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I have an iPad Pro. It doesn't have a headphone jack. It has just a USB-C port. I've been recording my voice with the iPad's internal mic but it's not good enough. I own a nice external microphone (Apogee) with male lightning I bought for my old lightning-port iPad. I can buy a female-lightning-to-male USB-C adapter and, I hope, use the microphone with the iPad Pro -- but then how do I monitor what I'm doing?

I did a little futzing around, plugging some crappy wired earbuds+mic I use with my phone into an adapter I have (3mm? ("phone jack sized") to USB-C) I use to listen to music on the iPad, and played some music on the iPad GarageBand "piano" and also sang into the crappy little mic. Upon playback I could hear the piano sounds, but the little mic did not record my voice -- so now I'm confused.

There are various USB-C earbuds with mic for sale, but (1) the microphones are not good enough for the singing I do and (2) if I can't record my voice through the phone jack mic/earbuds I tried, why would I be able to record it using the same technology except through USB-C? Also, I LIKE my Apogee MiC with the lightning plug and would like to use it -- with an adaptor -- but then I need to find a way to monitor what's going on as well, when the iPad Pro has no ports other than the USB-C.

Is my only solution to use a Bluetooth headset separately to monitor the sounds while the mic is plugged into the USB-C port (via the female lightning-to-male-USB-C adapter)? Any suggestions welcome, thanks.
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