Isn't it possible to favorite a custom page?

Post date: 2020-12-01 16:51:14
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Favorite button only appears on question pages, tag pages, category pages and user pages. It seems that there is no value nor key for the favorite elements in custom pages.

$this->content'favorite'] = null

Is there a way to insert that "favorite" element into the content array, or how can you enable favorite feature in custom pages?

Example of the favorite element in a tag page:

if (isset($userid) && isset($tagword)) {
    $favoritemap = qa_get_favorite_non_qs_map();
    $favorite = @$favoritemap'tag']qa_strtolower($tagword'word'])];

    $qa_content'favorite'] = qa_favorite_form(QA_ENTITY_TAG, $tagword'wordid'], $favorite,
        qa_lang_sub($favorite ? 'main/remove_x_favorites' : 'main/add_tag_x_favorites', $tagword'word']));

I tried putting this into https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/blob/1f39ae44adf42c83042be631e39373893a3ec969/qa-include/pages/default.php#L67

$userid = qa_get_logged_in_userid();       
if (isset($userid)){
    $qa_content'favorite'] = qa_favorite_form(QA_ENTITY_NONE, $custompage'pageid'], $favorite, qa_lang($favorite ? 'Unfolow' : 'Follow'));

but I got the error message

Unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript.

So, there must be some extra steps, I think.

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