Clothing for an older woman with limited physical range (gift)

Post date: 2020-11-28 10:50:39
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I am looking for Christmas gifts for my mother who lives independently but is in her 90's and should be easy on/off. I am thinking pant suits suitable for doctor appointments and church, but with the ease of sweats.

My mother has lost enough weight in the previous two years that her old clothes no longer fit. She had a bunch of outfits that fit the criteria but now the stretch pants fall off and the tops are so loose she is swimming in them. She is very old and has the appetite of a bird so we are looking at size small petite.

I see pants that look ideal at Vermont Country Store but the price is prohibitive. I am looking to spend no more than $120 (kinda poor at present)but get at least two complete outfits. She has always liked the nice plain fashion of LL Bean but again, pricey and the bottoms are much more legging like than would suit an older lady.

Things I am looking for:
Pull on pants or with an easy zipper/button for arthritic fingers.
Matching or easy mix and match.
Nicely cut top, preferable button up. She no longer wears a bra, so a looser cut.
A knit that looks presentable without ironing and is machine washable.
She is VERY frugal, so if the clothes seemed expensive it would cause her anxiety. She doesn't want any money spent as it is 'wasteful' but this is really a need as she has lots of appointments with various doctors and hopefully will be attending her regular morning mass at some point.

She lives alone and independently which she prizes, would love to see her in clothes that she would love.
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