I need to do some excercise before bed, I think

Post date: 2020-11-27 05:33:49
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Right now I'm under homeworking and homeschooling pressure. While I don't spend any time thinking about work once I'm off the clock, my body hasn't gotten the message. It takes me more than an hour to fall asleep because I'm still tense, my heart is beating faster etc. I would like to get the stress response out of my system by doing something with my body. Please help me, who generally dislikes excercise, find three or four things I can do to help my body reset so I can settle down to sleep?

I really don't like excercise, to the point that I just can't deal with researching and coming up with a plan. I would really appreciate it if you helped me by giving me some simple options.

Things I can do in 10-15 minutes, is that realistic?

I used to at least spend some time walking during my daily commute, now that's not possible.

(Also, please don't suggest sex, I'm feeling that even less right now!)

Thank you!
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