Recommendations for a (hopefully) Temporary Shower Chair

Post date: 2020-11-24 10:49:43
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I've been suffering from a bout of sciatica for six weeks. My right leg from buttock to toe goes from severe pain to numbness/weakness in a matter of seconds when I stand for more than a few minutes. Sitting down for brief breaks while showering would be enormously helpful, but there are so many options and I don't know what would work best - Back/no back? Arms? (more inside)

I live with my husband in a townhome which does not have grab bars in the bathroom (which is equipped with a standard-issue bathtub and shower - no shower "stall"). I have Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome and sciatica is a not uncommon manifestation of one or both. My doctor simply told me "I don't prescribe opioids" when I explained my pain during a video appointment and said that sciatica "goes away on its own" eventually. I am able to, say, get up out of bed without arm support (although sometimes I quickly fall back down due to pain/weakness, but if I sit for a few I'm able to get back up, albeit painfully....I limp hunched over to make my way the bathroom), and I can get down and up from the commode without grab bars (even though it pains my right hip/leg).

So given my symptoms/limitations (and budget, since Medicaid won't cover it), what are features I should look for/consider in a shower stool or chair? Are the arms and back worth the extra expense? Right now I would love several sitting-down breaks while showering in the standard manner... right now I have to "take a break" every few minutes by bracing my arms against the back wall of the shower and hunching over for a few minutes. Would a backrest and arms would make getting up and down easier and safer in a wet/slippery environment? I'm able to step into and out of the bathtub without assistance, although as soon as I exit I lean forward and grasp the sink for pain relief. Any recommendations and personal experiences are welcome!
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