Proper measurements for height and width of mig weld beads

Post date: 2020-11-22 10:06:35
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I'm learning to mig weld. I practice a lot and have read a fair amount about it online and in several books. I have found diagrams showing acceptable and unacceptable bead profile shapes, but I haven't found guidelines which specify the acceptable bead height/width measurements for a given thickness measurement of metal being joined. That is, I'm looking for a source that says, with a math formula or in a table: if your base metal is "x" thickness, then for each joint type your bead should be approx. "this" wide and "this" tall (assuming proper fit up, penetration, and no defects). I already cut and etch to check penetration, profile shape, and defects, but I would like to know if my welds are correctly sized. (I won't be taking a class and I don't know anyone who is a certified welder to ask these questions to.) Thanks!
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