What kind of helper-person do I need?

Post date: 2020-11-21 05:39:52
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So, my ceiling fan is possessed and I'm not sure if I need an electrician or a handyman?

After the last big hurricane wafted through the A, my power went out and when it came back on, my fan, which had previously been off completely, is now stuck on HIGH. As in, I cannot have the light on without the fan being on, and it's blowing at full speed.

I tried turning the power on and off again from the breaker and that didn't reset it. I gather the capacitor is blown or else I need to reset the switches (like your garage door opener, it's one of the remote control only fans), or else I need to replace the fan. My boyfriend tried to take the globe off to get to the switches, but could not remove the glass, and I didn't want to push it and have him break it without knowing . . .what next?

Do we just replace the whole fan, or get someone in to diagnose it? Fans aren't so expensive that I care about just replacing it, it just seems so wasteful. Electrician? Handyman? I've never had a possessed fan before.
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