Help finding replacement for cat's favorite toy

Post date: 2020-10-23 05:39:06
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We've searched high and low for a replacement. Description, pictures and video below the fold.

Several years ago my mother gave our cat, Beatrix T. Cattenborough, a toy for Christmas. It turned out to be her favorite toy, and because it was her favorite she devoted quite a bit of energy to destroying it over the years, as cats are wont to do. This was unfortunately my mother's last Christmas before dementia took her away, so it wasn't possible to ask where she bought it.

This toy is now a sad shadow of its former self, and we would love to get a replacement. However, my google-fu has completely failed me. Thus, I turn to you, oh glorious hive mind, for assistance in tracking one down.

Any ideas? Cat tax is paid in the destruction video, but here is some estimated tax. She's an attractive cat. Just ask her and she'll tell you.
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