STILL wanted: Musical Bear

Post date: 2020-10-23 07:19:10
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In 2001 I bought a musical teddy bear for my then newborn child. At age 20 he still loves it (and it still works!). I am looking for something similar for my new granddaughter.

The bear played Schumann's "Traumerei" (it was the only bear in the shop that didn't play "Small, Small World"), and due to an error in attribution we called it Schubert. But the shop where I bought it is long gone, and the company that made it went out of business four years ago. So mefites, do any of you know where I could purchase a toy bear that is:

  • soft and lovable

  • about 12 inches tall

  • mechanical, not battery operated (Schubert has a small metal key in his back)
  • plays some classical theme, preferably not "Traumerai", but definitely not the Brahms lullaby

  • not previously owned

I am flexible about the first three points, but the last two are absolute.

I would prefer to order this online or by phone from a reputable source. I know I might find one on ebay, but I am little leery of the potential problems. I am quite happy to order it internationally.

As a last resort, I will use https://www.personalizedfriendlysongs.com/, which will build me a bear with any audio file I choose to send them, but that's a bit too much choice for me.

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