What other films / tv make use of this interesting narrative technique?

Post date: 2020-10-20 15:27:43
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In the tv show Giri/Haji, they used this interesting narrative technique out of the blue. What are some other films or tv series that make use of a more surreal or experimental film technique within the context of a mostly plot-driven film? very vague spoilers about a narrative technique in giri / haji, but no plot actual spoilers]

At the end,
spoilersduring a very dramatic scene, without any explanation, the characters break out into dance
Prior to this scene, the show was a pretty standard cop drama but it got momentarily weirder without any explanation. What are other shows which are 90% normal but suddenly have a weird scene which shifts the narrative style?

To be clear, I'm NOT looking for:

1. Films where the plot itself is surreal or where characters just do surreal things as part of the plot.
2. Films where there is no plot, or characters regularly do things that cannot be explained by the plot.
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