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Post date: 2020-09-26 03:35:00
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I would like to hear from people who have received compensation payouts following traumatic events. What did you feel before, during and after the settlement, and how did you make decisions about how to manage whatever money you received?

I developed PTSD following a traumatic incident. The situation was covered by a third party insurer and my lawyer is now moving toward settlement. I've been told it could be six figures, but I understand this is uncertain and I am not counting on receiving any amount in particular. I am not well off (though not intergenerationally poor either). It's likely that even a smaller settlement would give me more financial options than I have had before.

I'm wondering what the settlement process in particular is like, for those who have experienced it. Not so much the procedural stuff, which varies by jurisdiction, but like...what is it like mentally and emotionally to have a dollar amount put on something as unquantifiable as human suffering, and then have all the fighting be over? And then, I guess, being left to work through the decisions and shifts in perspective that can come with changed financial circumstances, while also figuring how to keep recovering? (I will have access to healthcare even after settlement).

I'm certainly not planning spending sprees. At the moment I'm thinking I would attend to a few pressing expenses and then lock the rest away in savings for a while so I can get some distance from the stress of it all. I just suspect that even though compensation is often portrayed as unambiguously positive, there might be some weird complicated feelings that come along with it.

Anyone else been where I'm headed?
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