How can I scent laundry without soap or dryer sheets?

Post date: 2020-09-22 06:54:38
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I have pretty sensitive skin that doesn't handle scented soaps well, but apparently can handle scents applied in the dryer, or maybe some other way I'm not aware of. I was using essential oils on wool dryer balls, but read that's a fire hazard. What can I do instead to make my laundry smell nice?

-Scented detergent sets off my skin allergies
-Essential oils on dryer balls is a fire hazard (this is what I was doing before I read it wasn't safe)
-Dryer sheets give clothes a weird waxy film
-I don't store my clothes in drawers (so can't toss in soap bars or sachets)

I really love the customizable nature of essential oils on dryer balls (or even perfume oils - chai scented laundry, yum!) but don't want to cause a fire. How can I scent my laundry with the above restrictions? I'm partial to 'clean' soap smell, citrus, vanilla, or warm/musky/woody smells. Not so much into lavender or florals.

My current laundry routine is Method free + clear detergent, then dry with wool dryer balls. Oxi-Clean as needed for stains/brightening.
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