What to do if Amazon sends the correct item but not enough?

Post date: 2020-09-23 04:16:43
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I ordered a box of ten individually wrapped items. Amazon sent the correct item but only one of them. Would you return/exchange it as "wrong item was sent" or "missing or broken parts"? Neither fits exactly.

These are dog treats that are individually wrapped but boxed by the manufacturer into one retail box, so they can be sold as a box or individually by stores.

"Wrong item was sent" doesn't exactly fit since it is the correct item.

"Missing or broken parts" sounds more like an appliance missing a screw or something, but this is a consumable.

Clearly a worker accidentally opened the box of 10 and put Amazon barcodes on each item, so an additional concern is that they send a replacement and a warehouse worker scans the same barcode and sends another single item again (i.e. it's not that a worker grabbed an item from the wrong bin-- the barcode on the item itself is wrong.)
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