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Post date: 2020-08-13 09:36:34
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I've been a long-time Dorothy L. Sayers fan, and from there branched out into reading lots of mysteries from roughly the 20s-30s. I've read (or am aware of and am getting to) many of the major authors, and I'm looking for new books to queue up next.

Recently, thanks to this podcast, I discovered the existence of E.C.R. Lorac. I've been devouring the ones I've been able to get to, and I realized there was a big untapped list of authors I could try from the British Crime Library Classics series. I strongly prefer good characters and atmosphere over a tricksy plot (that is, I don't mind an incredible mystery plot but if the characters are cardboard, I'll be bored.) Mysteries that are too focused on elaborate train schedules (sorry, 5 Red Herrings) or that put all their energy into crafting a perfect locked-room scenario but neglect to give the detective a personality leave me cold.

Based on this, can you recommend other books from the list I should try?
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