Downloading/cloning a WordPress site

Post date: 2020-08-04 01:53:44
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The site is published by a large contractor, who is posting Gbs of docs related to the consultation process for a very large and potentially hazardous local infrastructure project. They are also posting notices of public meetings, feedback from public meetings, etc. From a community history/activism point of view, it would be nice to snapshot this. I'm using a Mac. Thank you!

The contractors are legally obliged to provide this information, although not necessarily in the form of a website (they can deposit the docs somewhere and we'd have to write in and request copies). We could trawl the site for pdfs etc (and use downthemall for example) but feel it would be better to preserve the publishing context, web pages, etc. I was wondering also the extent to which WordPress is a content management system, with some files only being made available 'on the fly' at the time they are requested.
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