Newborn snuffles

Post date: 2020-08-03 00:31:29
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Should I be worried and what can I do about my newborn's noisy breathing, particularly at night?

Please bear with me as I'm a bit sleep deprived and anxious!

Baby is 4 weeks old. Was born in a hurry (super quick labour, sub 4 hours of active) so when she was sniffly in hospital they told me it was just newborn congestion which should pass.

I feel like I can't put her down to sleep because she snores then sputters, but if she is held upright her breathing is easier. I try and put her in her bassinet in safe sleep mode so I can sleep, but she sounds absolutely awful, and I feel like I can't leave her. She cries, too, I feel like she wakes herself.

I bought a nosefrida (nose suction) but depressingly, I tried it and no mucous came out. This was crushing because I thought I'd found a solution.

We got a humidifier and it seems to help a little- she has less day time congestion but nights are still bad.

Have also tried drops of breast milk in her nose.

I've had a cold (got swabbed, not COVID) so maybe she has it too?

She is feeding great and making the right number of wet and dirty nappies.

Sometimes when feeding it's like she gets too much and coughs, she also seems to drool milk out her mouth.

Googling is terrifying- it's either "this is standard newborn" or "difficulty breathing? Call hospital!"

I feel paralysed, I haven't slept because I've been holding her at night and I'm anxious.

With covid in our community I don't really want to truck into the ER unnecessarily, and she doesn't seem that bad??
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