Stuck between two potential homes, a true Sophie's choice.

Post date: 2020-08-03 06:15:57
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My subleasing situation is almost over. I've gotten whiplash (tongue in cheek) from the main tenant, and I found a really nice place in Maryland, so I'm a bit torn in-between. Negotiation questions inside.

I subleased a 2b/2br apartment for the summer, with the sublease set to end at the end of this month. I talked with the tenant I was subleasing for, and she said someone else had taken the other bedroom. When the other roommate came last weekend to pick up some stuff from her (mostly) vacant bedroom, as per some advice, I simply told her that if the person taking her spot dropped out, I'd still be interested. She told me that the person backed out, which was unexpected. I talked with the tenant I was taking over for, and we had a good conversation. She admitted she preferred a female roommate, and was talking with someone else about taking over the spot, BUT if that person dropped out, she'd be willing to let me take the spot. I explained I identified as queer, am clean/respectful, etc. She said that made her feel better, and I clarified that the other room would be $1200 (plus utilities). That was all last week. Then, yesterday, she let me know the other person dropped out as well, and that the bedroom was actually $1100 (plus utilities).

I feel so confused. Here's why. When the tenant (a college graduate student) initially told me the spot was taken, I came in touch with a very nice Deaf couple (acquaintances of mine, they work stable jobs) who were renting their master bedroom (with my own bathroom) in a very nice home for $1500, but said it'd be negotiable, as they envisioned that price for a couple. I went to their home for a tour, and LOVED the master bedroom and kitchen. It was a very nice home, even nicer than my already-very-nice apartment. A few wrinkles, though.

Current home: $1100+utilities

Very convenient, right next to the train (literally a 3 minute or less walk)
Easy to commute to work (20-25 minutes total including walks)
One train stop to a grocery store
No moving hassles
Pool/gym included as amenities
Smoke-free environment
Own bathroom
Retail/restaurants right outside the apartment (mixed-use space)

A bit confusing so far with the tenant/future roommate
Noticed by an envelope that Comcast seems past due... triggers with a former bad roommate who didn't pay bills on time
Tenant/roommate is hearing (not in itself a bad thing, just that she might not feel 100% comfortable with me)

Deaf house: $1500, INCLUDING utilities (BUT negotiable)
Deaf house, easy to communicate
Corner master bedroom
Own bathroom
Beautiful, green spaces right outside the house
Kitchen with gourmet appliances, water/ice dispenser
Met a resident there, he seems very nice
Very safe area, modern and almost brand-new house

Unknown 3rd roommate (they're searching for another bedroom as well, this bedroom would use a shared bathroom); no idea who that would be or how we'd get along
A bit far (30-35 minute train ride, plus 7-8 minute walk from the train to the house)
No grocery stores or other restaurants in the area
More expensive

As you can see, I'm a bit stuck. I really do like where I'm at now, but the way my tenant has handled the post-August stuff has been a bit uncertain, and confusing, and I'm a bit concerned because being added to the lease officially is Serious. Stuff. She mentioned how important it is to pay bills on time, but Comcast is past due, and if rent is past due, that could impact my credit, too. But the likelihood of that should be low.

I was originally leaning towards the Deaf house, but her saying $1100 yesterday (vs. $1200) threw me a loop, because that'd really save me money, and I'd still have my own bathroom, laundry, etc., not to mention how convenient it is in terms of commute (although it's all work from home lately, anyway).

A friend suggested I try to negotiate down the $1500 to maybe $1200 with the Deaf house, explaining I have another offer for that amount (essentially it'd be ~$1200 with utilities, etc. here anyway), but I'm not sure. I really liked the house and really liked the vibe big time, but there are some negatives, too. I'm driving myself crazy with the decision making. I guess I don't want to lose both opportunities, and this apartment community (where I currently am at) was my dream apartment for a while, too.

Should I try and negotiate the Deaf house that low, or does $1300-1350 seem more reasonable? From your perspective (and no, not asking for you to make the decision for me), would staying put where I am make more sense? Sometimes asking for outside perspectives do help.

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