Maytag Induction Electric Range slow to heat, can I fix it?

Post date: 2020-07-04 06:47:03
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This is our Maytag induction electric range (Imgur pic), which seems to be MIR8890AS (American Freight) or something like it. We've had it for about 7 years and it's been pretty good, but recently the oven heats really, really slowly, and doesn't seem to stay at temperature. Broiling is fine, but we probably shouldn't rely on bringing the oven up to temp. Signs point to a bad element, is it really that easy to replace (Hunker general summary)?

The diagnosis: broil definitely works—it'll burn the top of a pizza while the bottom is still soggy. And broil will bring the oven temp up quickly, according the the oven thermometer. But cooking normally takes a long time for the oven to come up to temperature, around 30 minutes or so, and when it's cooking, I'll periodically turn off the oven to re-check the temperature, and the digital temperature display will indicate that the oven is now cooler than before.

Is this likely to (only) be the heating element, or possibly something more? And if it is element, what's a good place to get replacement elements, and is it that straight-forward to replace the bad element?

In other times, I'd probably call a repair person, but now I'm interested in doing it ourselves. Thanks!
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