sharp and pointy (metaphorically speaking) masks

Post date: 2020-07-04 16:54:01
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Now that the mask order is in place in SF, I'm back at work. I've been using the blue/white disposables because that's what I have- but I'm noticing... a certain "aw you" tendency from some of our older male customers, because I am currently presenting as femme-ish at work. I was called the other day a "good girl" by a customer as if I am a prized trained poodle. I wanted to rip his throat out. In normal times I would do the thing where I smile with every last one of my teeth which is quite effective. We're all wearing masks now. I would like to buy washable, breathable face masks with a nose wire; printed with fangs or teeth, in order to add a bit of an edge to my work clothes.

I am known at work for 50's style hair bandanas, quirky and/or rainbow print earrings and quirky or rainbow glasses frames. But since we wear uniforms I can't wear my more tough clothes. I'm not willing to change my style- it's a great comfort to me for a whole host of reasons. 80% of my customers are dolls, and the kids who come in love to compliment my earings/glasses/etc. But some dudes are gonna dude. My complete lack of makeup and general facial expression/booming voice is enough in normal times to discourage the exact sort of older male patronizing that makes me see red. The covering of my face is now blocking my magic bitch powers that stops 90% of our worst customers from being 100% the worst. (some folks are just the absolute worst and nothing can stop them- I'd just like another layer of protection against the minor jerks that can really ruin your day.) So- I would like masks printed with teeth. I cannot wear anything obscene at work- so no "fuck you" masks or "fuck the patriarchy" style masks. Just teeth. As many different styles/colors/teeth types as possible, so I can rotate them out. If anyone has any ideas for something in a similar non-obscene but pointy projecting vein I would consider it- but teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth. Thank you metafilter- you're my only hope.

PS: rainbows are like my whole thing- so if one of these masks were rainbow teeth... It would really really work.
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