My ex may got the virus (?) what can I do with my daughter? Complicated

Post date: 2020-03-25 07:43:44
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I just heard from my 10 year old daughter on Skype that her mom is sick, that mom went for "some check-ups", and that she just got a text that she won't come back home today, "and to be good".
I'm very worried, and don't know what to do. It's complicated because they are in California, and I left & moved to Denmark last June.
I still have to hear confirmation from my ex before I do anything. But I need to get prepared.

My daughter is in the house with her grandmother, but grandma speaks only Chinese, and has no clue about managing anything outside the house. They have no friends who can take care of them.

My ex worked in a casino until 9 days ago. But ever since we separated, she refused to share any information with me, so I'm in the dark about details.

I don't have any contacts left in the US that can help me.

Is there a Southern California emergency website I can contact (once I get confirmation from my ex) that will take my daughter & her grandma somewhere, test them, and take care of them until further?...

Does anybody have any suggestions what I can do?

If my ex recovers, or not seriously ill, that will be the best. But in the worse case scenario, I will need to get my daughter flown here to Denmark to me - together with her grandma - and I'm not sure how to arrange it....

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