Another Brexit Question OR where to go w/5 yo in Feb 2020

Post date: 2019-11-12 01:30:36
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We're making plans for school vacation week, 2/17-21/2020. The next Brexit deadline is 1/31/2020. We're trying to decide where to go, and are a bit torn.

Family of 3, traveling February 17-21, 2020. Flying out of Boston; dates are non-negotiable (a day or two on either side is ok, but tied to school break). Looking for travel to Europe, with US as a fallback.

No, no one can predict the future. Yes, we may have some more clarity after the December 12 general election. Yes, I've seen the CAA faqs on the impact of a no-deal Brexit on air travel. From the faqs, my understanding is that EU carriers will continue to be able to land and refuel, but deplaning passengers would require additional agreement. Here's some prior government advice.

The catch is that school vacation week does not defer to geopolitics, and we still need to find something to do with our 5yo (almost 6 by time of trip). But for potential Brexit disruptions, I think London would be a done deal. If you concede that 2 weeks post (potential) Brexit may not be the best time to introduce a 5.75 year old to the UK, then the options for Europe diminish significantly, because so many EU flights from the US (particularly Boston) connect through the UK. Paris is probably too pricy in any event, but we could do more expensive flights to the Netherlands, Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona.

Failing Europe, we'd do a shorter trip in the US.

So a super open ended question:
1) should we bag the UK option, and avoid even connecting through the UK 2 weeks post the next Brexit deadline?
2) if so, what EU city might be particularly engaging to a 5-6 year old? We did Rome last May, and it really started to open up a broader perspective on travel for her.

If needed, we'll come back for recommendations for US travel! Thanks!
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