Selling your home to buy a new home (UK)

Post date: 2019-11-12 05:00:37
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We are considering selling our London flat in order to buy one that will better suit our needs. We've never done this before. (We were first-time buyers when we bought our current flat.) I have questions about the timing of selling and buying, as well as choosing an estate agent. I'd also love any general advice from people who have been through this process in the UK. (UK-centered answers only, please)

TIMING: We haven't yet found the flat we want to purchase. It feels weird to put our current flat on the market before we know what we're moving to-- but we can't buy the next flat until we sell this one. How do we square the circle in terms of timing?

ESTATE AGENTS: If we market our flat through one estate agent, the commission will be lower -- but we'll presumably reach fewer buyers. How do we decide whether to go with one sole agent or multiple?

GENERAL: Is there any other advice you'd offer for somebody selling their first home to buy their second? (We are buying in London as well as selling here, by the way.)
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