Pithy pitches for public poll, please!

Post date: 2019-10-29 03:14:05
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I am starting a business and am looking for public feedback in order to decide between 2 branding styles. Can you help me think of some quick hooky pitches to elicit participation?

I am starting a social enterprise oriented business. I have 2 distinct branding styles up for consideration and would like some feedback from the public. I'll have the survey set up on a tablet & the participant would just point to the image they like best.

The survey is anonymous and is basically "which of these 2 designs do you prefer?".

I would love some ideas on some short sentences that would make people comfortable enough to stop for 15 seconds and give their opinion.

Thank you!

Gentle note here: I have permission to execute my survey at this location. I am not interested in pros and cons of survey people in a public setting, just looking for lines.
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