Event promotion on a shoestring

Post date: 2019-10-29 11:11:45
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I convinced a spoken word star to stop in my town on his world tour, and the people who indicated they'd support me...kind of disappeared. What's the best way(s) to advertise?

We're old friends, so I'm determined to go on with it, even if I need to distribute 10,000 fliers myself. I have asked people involved (openers and the venue owner) to post the event on FB and invite people. We have EventBrite set up. I rarely use twitter and have maybe 6-15 followers. Google Ad wants a minimum of $1.65 a day, which doesn't seem too terrible, but it would be out of my pocket. Have any of you run shows and are Google Ads effective? Any other thoughts on promotion? I'm googling "promote a show" and so on.
Thanks in advance for helping me pack the house (a tiny darling venue, so I should be able to swing it).
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