How do I get around Puerto Rico in November as ethically as possible?

Post date: 2019-10-28 06:09:14
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A: Are there any major concerns driving to Aguadilla from San Juan these days? How about El Junque? Is the ferry to Vieques functioning? B: Anybody know of anything useful I could be doing when I get there? I will definitely have to spend at least a little time doing touristy stuff, but would feel better if I could usefully do a day of work. I have some skills in both the trades and IT.

I'll be heading to PR in November for a quick trip with my brother, who's never been. I've explored the island a bit back in 2012, but the intervening years obviously haven't been kind to the infrastructure, and post-Maria I know some places I'd like to return to are a little less accessible than they were.

I don't want to be a gross mainland gringo tourist and use resources that could better serve others, although I know that's going to be a balancing act no matter what. I also don't want to be insensitive to the current political situation, and if possible would like to spend at least some of the time volunteering somewhere or otherwise helping out if I can. Sadly both my Puerto Rican friends have now moved to Florida, and I don't have personal contacts there any more.
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