Little terrier pup needs a name... help!

Post date: 2018-10-07 11:05:14
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I adopted a little male terrier mix a month ago. (awww so cute!). He is currently, and sadly, the no-name pup.

He was found as a stray, but the shelter & vet estimate his (current) age at 5 or 6 months. He's currently 8lbs, so I'm guessing he'll wind up in the 10-15lb range. Personality-wise, he's all terrier: sweet, stubborn, bursts of energy the he needs to run out, loves (LOVES) chasing things. Balls are his best friends and all squirrels (and most blowing leaves) must be chased. Super friendly with other dogs and loves to greet new dogs coming into the dog park. Likes people, but isn't too sure about men in dark clothes.

I've never struggled to name a pet before in my life. This guy, though... I'm at a loss.

About me, if you want to mine that for suggestions over his adorableness:
- old school internet geek - storytelling & digital media, experience design
- US history buff & political junkie
- a bit of foodie and work with locally owned restaurants
- eclectic music tastes, but primarily listen to folk, Americana, and singer/songwriters or new wave, ska/two-tone, and post-punk. (a bit of a split personality, there)
- I dig anagrams, puns, and other wordplay

Pup currently comes to kissy sounds and my voice, but he's definitely gaining his independence and is a bit less glued to my side. Time to settle on and teach him a name. What do you think it is?
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