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Worked at a radio station
Description: Used to work at a radio station, when I covered daytime shows I'd have to give away tickets if we were having a promotion. There was this guy, he'd call multiple times a day for months, even during my night show and scream "You have tickets? Give me tickets you motherfuck!" Didn't matter if we had ticket giveaways or not. Anyway, pretty big festival came around and we had tickets to give away. I was covering the day shift and we were supposed to record the call so we could play a byte on the air of the caller getting excited or whatever. It was a big deal that if we said "caller 30 wins the tickets" on air, we were obligated to give the tickets to caller 30. Sure enough, caller 30 turns out to be Mr. Motherfuck whose response was "Give me the ticket now you son of bitch I cut your dick" I said "Oh, my mistake, you're caller 29. Try again!" And hung up the phone. Next caller was some girl who was really excited, so I just gave them to her. In the log I wrote that caller 30 was verbally abusive and I didn't feel comfortable continuing the conversation in case anyone asked, but it was really just fuck that guy.

Posted by :  peter88 Post date :  2017-07-01 11:53
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