How to stop hair loss?

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Posted by hairensure from the Business category at 28 Jul 2021 10:46:06 am.
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If you have come to this article because your hair isstarting to fall out and you fear suffering from alopecia, don't worry, youhave come to the right place. Personally, I have already gone through yoursituation, I suffer from androgenic alopecia and my hair was falling out, I wasgoing bald. I suffered the same thoughts and fears that you have right now andI have gone through all kinds of treatments and situations that have led me towant to help men or women like me. In this article, I will talk about how tostop hair loss.

We will discuss the most popular treatments that promise tostop hair loss, even known as "grow hair" products. Do they reallyget what they promise? Is there a definitive solution to androgenetic alopecia?

Can you really stop hair loss?<o:p></o:p>

This is the big question, the "million-dollarquestion" that all of us who suffer from alopecia ask ourselves or haveasked ourselves. From the moment we realize the possibility of going bald, weonly think about how to avoid it.

There are many treatments that promise to stop hair loss,even to make it grow longer, but there are some issues that must be clearbefore undergoing treatment with lotions or pills that can have side effects.

These types of treatments depend a lot on each person. Thereare cases in which a lotion or a treatment with pills has managed to partiallystop hair loss, at least the rate of loss is not so intense. But they don'thave to work for everyone. In addition, the same quantities or units areusually prescribed to all the same, when the physiognomies, height and weightof each one is very different.

But above all, the most important thing is that they are nota definitive solution to end alopecia and stop hair loss. This means that ifthese treatments work for you, you must be with them your whole life, becauseif you stop taking the pills or apply the corresponding lotion, their effectswill end.

Lastly, these treatments have a major effect on the hormonesthat cause hair loss. These hormonal changes can have some side effects, suchas loss of sexual appetite and even impotence in the case of men. In fact, aswe have told in other articles, the active principles of these treatments arevasodilators that were and are used for diseases related to the prostate.

What to do to stop hair loss?<o:p></o:p>

There are no miracle formulas to stop hair loss in men orwomen. Pill treatments like Finasteride, Dudasteride, or Saw Palmetto can workwell in some cases to slow down a relentless and steady fall. But they are notdefinitive solutions to alopecia, since its origin is hormonal in most cases.Not to mention that it doesn't work for all patients and that it can have sideeffects.
It is also said that there are foods to stop hair loss,especially in the case of women. They are foods rich in vitamin C like orangesor grapefruits, vegetables like spinach or broccoli or olive oil and otherantioxidants. These foods can strengthen the hair and stop hair loss in women,but whenever there is talk of a loss due to lack of vitamins or other reasonsother than a more severe alopecia.

The only definitive solution to stop hair loss is to undergoa hair graft. Alopecia usually affects a specific area of ​​the scalp, usuallythe front of the head. But not all of our hair suffers from alopecia, so thisprocess consists of implanting the hair from the areas that do not suffer fromalopecia (donor areas) in the affected part (recipient area).

In short, it is about grafting hair, or in this case“healthy” follicular roots in the area that has lost those roots and in whichno more hair would grow. Once grafted, these roots will give rise to hair thatdoes not suffer from alopecia and therefore does not have to fall out anymore.

It must be made clear that there are people who cannotundergo a hair transplant for different reasons, such as having little hair inthe donor area or other health impediments.

That is why I am also here, to help you and accompany you inthe decision-making process about whether or not to have a hair graft done and,in case of doing it, where is best for you. If you need help, do not hesitateto contact me, I will be happy to help you and contribute all my knowledge andexperience in this matter.

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