Must-have solutions for [network monitoring] during COVID-19

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Posted by neomirav from the General category at 01 Oct 2020 06:02:56 pm.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how companies work and organizations are trying to secure corporate technology to assist them with settling the storm. Web monitoring solutions have helped companies improve network performance or tackle network security issues. These tools can be a great help to companies doing combating the effects of the COVID-19 business. A web monitoring solution can assist companies with guaranteeing that corporate networks are working productively. Here are a few reasons why network monitoring solutions are needed by your company during the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Real-time performance monitoring

Performance issues can happen any time, and without the right tools, the organization will be unable to discover them before they become huge issues. To fix an issue all the more rapidly, you should be able to discover it in real-time (or as close as possible). Most present-day network monitoring tools have real-time network monitoring abilities that tell your IT team of any issues that emerge when they are found. That way, the organization can fix before performance issues become an issue.

2. Monitor incoming network traffic

If many workers are telecommuting, you need to monitor incoming traffic moving to your network. Network monitoring solutions monitor traffic at each point on your network, allowing organizations to monitor threats that try to break into your system. This is a significant step since workers are running their devices on an external network that might not have the best security and performance, and the network must be ensured to guard the enterprise.

3. Track video and voice performance

The organization that manages the virtual workforce should lead to voice and video chats to complete private meetings. VoIP and video telephones can pull in a lot of bandwidth from the network - bandwidth that workers can use to deal with corporate projects. Any network monitoring solution that coordinates the salt, will follow up bandwidth utilization, so your organization can perceive how voice/video conferences influence your network. This will allow you to see the effect and services of VoIP and video services on your business network.

4. Remote network remediation

When installing an agent on a device, the network monitoring platform can identify it from anyplace, allowing clients to improve the device that isn't running appropriately from a remote area. Progressed remote monitoring solutions also incorporate the capacity to determine performance issues and reconfigure the device from any area or device if you already know the agent. This implies the network team can avoid engineers from heading off to the workplace to tackle issues, improve security and profitability.

5. Avoid unnecessary office visits

IT employees may need to enter the workplace to resolve corporate network issues. You need to prevent this to address security issues, particularly if your corporate network issues are unmanageable. Most present-day network monitoring solutions allow clients to automate monitoring assignments easily through the platform. This allows your network team to always monitor and improve your network performance during the COVID-19 pandemic without taking unnecessary trips to the workplace.

Platforms for Network Monitoring

The fragmented network infrastructure and management tools make performance more start-to-finish visibility.

All in all, in what capacity would organizations be able to increase better network visibility while maintaining operating expenses and device extension concerns (while maintaining certainty that their network is meeting business goals).

Rather than adding to the already inflated toolkits, IT teams need to integrate and streamline the collection, connection, and introduction of application and network data. Many IT teams are already utilizing Unified Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) platforms to achieve this. This will assist them in defeating the interoperability and data source difficulties related to the growing roster of point solutions.
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