A Clean Windshield Contributes To Safe Driving In All Seasons

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Posted by peter88 from the Automotive category at 29 Mar 2012 01:17:30 pm.
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A clean windshield is an asset in all seasons. As we finish wiping away the last remnants of snow and ice, we get ready to deal with the heavy downpours of spring; and then, depending on where we live, for the dust blowing on a hot, dry summer's day. And, of course, there is always the dirt that flies in from the road, construction areas and dry fields. Throw in a jumble of dead bugs and you can see why keeping your car's windshield clean in all seasons will help enhance your safety and driving comfort all year round.
"No matter what the weather, the moment you sit behind the wheel of a car, the first thing you want is a clear view of the road -- with this need for clear vision becoming increasingly acute in snow, ice, rain, or dusty conditions," said Makoto Takatsuka, Senior Product Manager, Wiping Systems for Bosch, the world's largest supplier of wiper blades to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket. (www.boschautoparts.com)

In its own way, every season poses a challenge for a car's wiper blades. Take for instance, a freezing winter's day when your windshield is covered in ice and snow. The wiper blades tend to get clogged, and get stuck to the glass, making it a struggle to pry them away from the windshield and get them back into doing their job.

On the other hand, in the summer months, exposure to heat and ozone can cause the wiping element to crack and break apart. Plus, the dirt, bugs and other debris that splatter on the windshield may melt and stick, making it harder for the wipers to clean evenly without streaks and chatter. Heavy spring rains can reduce visibility and compromise safety even more.

According to Takatsuka, to help overcome the challenges of adverse weather conditions, Bosch developed the 'beam,' or 'flat,' wiper blade design which completely eliminates the conventional bracketed support structure and uses tension spring arcing technology to create a custom fit contoured to the curvature of the driver and the passenger sides of the windshield. Oftentimes, the curvature is not the same on both sides.

The premium Bosch ICON(TM) wiper blade is a beam blade designed to function equally well in all weather conditions -- extreme cold, sleet, snow, heat, strong winds or heavy rain. ICON's dual tension springs are housed in a flexible, asymmetrical aerodynamic spoiler that increases the downforce to keep the blade hugging the windshield even at highway speeds.

"Bosch ICON offers up to 40 percent longer life than other premium 'beam' blades on the market," said Takatsuka. "Furthermore, ICON's flexible fx dual rubber wiping element resists heat and ozone deterioration and helps maintain flexibility all year round. And, with no external steel brackets, springs, or partitioned plastic spoilers, ICON doesn't clog with ice and snow in winter either."
Result? A clean windshield and better overall wiping performance help to make driving safer -- in all kinds of weather. More information is available at www.boschautoparts.com.
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