Replacement 4550mAh 11.55V For HP L08934-2B1

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Posted by ericwang from the Agriculture category at 25 May 2020 01:42:53 am.
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HP L08934-2B1 Battery, Singapore HP L08934-2B1 Laptop Batteries for your laptop computer with warrantable in Singapore . Low price L08934-2B1 HP Laptop Batteries are 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Money Back. We focus on supply high quality and high capability replacement for hp laptop battery with best price to our customers.The replacement l08934-2b1 batteries are rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. Powerful your hp machine allows you to work seamlessly when you are on the move for business trips or vacations.11.55V, 4550mAh Extended Life battery for hp l08934-2b1. The quality of this for hp l08934-2b1 battery is certified as well by RoHS and the CE to name a few. Cheap price and high quality!therefore all laptop battery for hp l08934-2b1 have top quality 100% Grade "A" cells (Japaneese) for premium capacity and reliability and 5 levels of protection including a failsafe thermal switch.mAh Milliamp Hour - It is the measure of a battery's total capacity. The higher the number the more charge a battery can hold and the longer a battery will last under a certain load.
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