Becoming a Successful Tender Bidder

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Posted by redtapebuster from the Business category at 19 May 2020 12:37:25 pm.
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Whether you are applying for a local or an international tender, it is vital for you to match the specifications expected by the buyer in order to acquire the contract and to put across your points clearly.

Here are some tips which you can use as a guide when writing your tender response:

1. You must read and thoroughly understand every specifications and details of the tender invitation. It is vital that while you are reading the tender invitation, you highlight the areas that will require the most attention. There are other important elements you will need to be aware of, such as the excepted method of the response submission, the deadline and essential formatting guidelines.

2. It is essential that you raise questions and clarifications as early as possible. There is usually a deadline for clarifications, and it is typically well before the submission deadlines. You should clarify the aspects of the bid eligibility, specifications, and minor details of tender requirements, to avoid any future confusion in relation to them.

3. When tender writing, you should stick to the templates and formats provided in the tender. In some cases, the tender specifications can feature a response template layout that consist of certain sections that are needed to be filled in by you. Each of these portions may have precise word limits and formats. By sticking closely to any template guidelines, you can ensure that your tender response is lacking any discrepancies.

4. In the tender response, you need to focus on the crucial benefits of your proposal, in terms of how it is going to advantage the buyer. You need to focus on the buyer’s requirements while highlighting how you can help to fulfill them. You also need to emphasis the fact that you have all the necessary skills, experience, infrastructure, accreditations and knowledge to satisfy the requirements of the tender.

5. As the tender writer you should attempt to keep your response crisp, ordered and rational, instead of being unnecessarily explanatory. Your tender response should contain a well-structured and persuasive introduction that emphasises the motivation, purpose and central proposition of your bid. In order to offer the reader an appealing break amongst blocks of text, and to help your bid stand out, consider including figures and charts in your response to help explain any complex propositions.

6. Organisations issuing tenders invitations on an international level are usually large corporate and multinational organizations, along with government agencies and departments. These tenders can generally be found on online tendering portals, international business magazines and periodicals and business-based newspapers.

And now a bonus tip:

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