Top 5 Faith Based Christian Movies That You Must Watch

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Posted by crossflix from the Arts & Entertainment category at 31 Jan 2020 07:08:41 am.
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“Movies are known to be the best ever Entertainment of all times”

In every free time slot, we all try to get the best out of it. We run for the best entertainment around us to make the time memorable. So, if you are a movie lover then we are here to give you some amazing suggestions for Christian movies online that are proven to be the cherry on the cake when it comes to watching a movie.

Know The 5 Most Famous Christian Movies Of All Times

Crossflix is giving the best online Christian films for the people who are great Christ fans and followers to know about the religion and culture of Jesus Christ.

Noah and the Great Flood: A Reminder about Man’s Redemption and God’s Mercy

The Christian movie Noah released in 2014 tells us about the wicked ways of men during the period of Noah’s life. In this they took the plot on some events described in Genesis in The Bible, the presentation contained more cinematic effects intended to please the audience.
The main idea of this film is to show that the Creator has made a world that is good and that men through free will have chosen to corrupt it. To serve justice and destroy the world and its inhabitants. This is known as one of the best Christian films of 2014.

In His Steps: A Commitment to Follow Christ

This 2013 Christian films In His Steps has a simple plot. What is not so simple is the impression that the film leaves on the viewers. It tells a story about the different personalities of people who go to the same church and listen to the same sermon every Sunday.
The church practice may have been the same but the difference is the impact His words bring to life those who took preaching to their hearts. Thus, the theme of this film is applying the words and teachings of Jesus into our daily lives.


This film is a marriage-based film. The character of Caleb Holt is of a dedicated and heroic fire captain who vastly values his job and services he delivers to other folks. However, there is only a single issue which he has to be sought. Though he is great in the work field, his relation with his wife is in trouble. Actually, he is addicted to pornography and becomes unable to maintain a strong bond with her wife. Due to which his relation with wife gets weakened day after day and split up his marriage until he received the 40-day love dare of his dad.

The case of Christ

This movie is based on the actions of a prosperous attorney “Lee Patrick Strobel”. As an unembarrassed cynic, he took the alteration of his wife to Christianity with a pinch of salt. To condemn his partner’s self-assurance that was underlying their marriage, he moves out to analyse the trustworthiness of Jesus Christ. Utilizing his journalism background, academic capabilities and knowledge of the law, Lee in his role is expressed as one of the most fervent Christian faith supporters.

The Shack

One of the best Christian movies in 2017! After the kidnapping and presumed demise of Missy, who is the youngest daughter of Mackenzie Allen Phillips, Mack gets a letter and doubts it is from God, requesting him to arrive at the shed where Missy was killed. After considering it, he visits that shed for the first time after the death of Missy and confront alters his life forever.

Above are the major Christian films that are loved by movie lovers. So, if you are also from the same interests than you must subscribe and check out these amazing movies by Crossflix that are worth watching and worth spending your time to…
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