How to get a job in India and choose your desired career path?

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Posted by izydaisy from the Careers category at 31 Jan 2020 05:47:24 am.
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Studentscan spend a lot of time trolling job sites and sending resumeswithout choosing much of an employer response. From izydaisy– a free classified portal, employers still receive between 102 and136 applications per job. Effective job hunting and generatingemployer interest requires careful thought, in-depth research, and afull-proof strategy.

Tohelp with, maximize your job search and get you on your desiredcareer path, consider the following steps:

1.Understand job search criteria

Figureout your top howto get a job in Indiapriorities – whether it is company culture, salary or a specificjob position. If you understand what motivates you on howto get a job in India,it will be easier to target your applications to opportunities thatmatch your skills and ambitions.

Also,you need to be flexible. You don’t want your specificity to costyou your dream job at your dream company. If you get to the pointwhere you are interviewing for a job at your dream company you wantto work for but that is not quite the right fit, be honest with HR orthe recruiter about your expertise and desire to work there. You willalways have a possibility of a better opportunity opening up withinthat company.

2.Make a list of jobs that meet your criteria

Onceyou are able to communicate what you are looking for in a job, usethese criteria to guide you in your search. Make a list to keep trackof information.

3.Read the job description completely

Duringyour job search on howto get a job in India,read the job description thoroughly. It may take up time upfront, butit is a major time-saver, in the long run, you won’t be applyingfor jobs for which you are an unlikely candidate.

Topcompanies generally have limited flexibility on their mandatoryrequirements, be it a university degree or job experience. If you areconfident you can do the job, you should apply to a position, just beprepared to explain precisely how your skills or experiences areapplicable to the opportunity at hand.

4.Customize your resume

Shapeyour resume to speak to the company, position, keywords and jobrequirements. Keep multiple versions of your resume. This can be aneffective way of tailoring your experience to a particular role orindustry.

5.Activate your group circle

Letyour friends also know howto get a job in Indiaand ask them to prepare a resume with informative data of yourexperience and skills. Chances are at least one of your friends canget their dream job and provide guidance or a foot-in-the-door.

Whilethere is no magic when it comes to finding a job, focusing your jobsearch on quality over quantity and activating your relationships isthe way to go!

6.Follow up with everyone

Collectcards from people you would rather not see again but these people arein your industry and may be connected to people you need to meetlater on. Connect with everyone and try to make your message to thema bit personal, reminding them of your conversation.

Witha little work and dedicated practice, you will be able to connectwith anyone – no matter where you happen to meet.
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