You Don't Need the Luck of The Irish to Make Your Car "Green"

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Posted by moviegoer from the Automotive category at 10 Jul 2011 07:17:53 pm.
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The Emerald Isle is known for being lush, green and teeming with stout, little leprechauns. While the latter might be just a myth, it's no fairy tale that by taking small steps to make your car go green, not only can you make the earth a little cleaner, but you can also save yourself a pot of gold worth of expenses. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers the following tips to help you make your vehicle a little greener:

* Perform scheduled maintenance. Follow your vehicle's maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle in good working order. By using fresh filters and fluids, as well as making sure your emission control system is working properly, you can minimize your vehicle's impact on the environment.

* Slow down. Vehicles use less fuel the slower they travel. Try dropping your highway speed by 10 mph. You will use less gas and cause fewer emissions. In addition, gradually stepping on the accelerator and gently applying the brakes is more fuel-efficient than sudden stops and gunning the engine.

* Plan ahead. Consolidate several trips into one. Plot out the most efficient route to get to all of your stops. You will use less gas and produce fewer emissions.

* Roll up and remove excess. If you roll up your windows, your vehicle's aerodynamics will be more streamlined, the drag will be reduced and you'll get better mileage. Removing ski racks, bike racks and after-market rooftop cargo carriers can also help improve your vehicle's aerodynamics.

* Don't idle. Don't idle to warm up your vehicle. Prolonged idling creates unnecessary emissions, and idling for more than thirty seconds consumes more fuel than re-starting the engine.

Going green doesn't have to be a hassle, and it certainly doesn't include chasing after rainbows. By taking small steps throughout the year, you can ensure that your vehicle is doing its part to help make the planet a little cleaner.
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