Sponge Painting Techniques

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Sponge painting is a technique of painting that utilizes a sponge as an alternative of a paint brush to put the paint on the surface of the wall. Painting having a sponge has evolved into a category all by itself, and has led to the development of two other strategies for sponge painting walls, known as bagging and ragging. The procedure of applying paint to the walls is the same as with the sponge, yet these two strategies develop several textures on the walls. In other words, the technique is meant to make the walls perfect for applying desired color.

This technique is frequently meant to fill any holes or cracks discovered on the walls. If you can find any nail holes or cracks in the wall, patch and sand them and wipe away any dust residue right after the patching compound has dried and been sanded. To give the wall a uniform look, certain texture is added prior to applying finish on them. With the ragging, the feel produced resembles a marbling, and bagging produces a finer additional sharp texture.

With the natural sponge, the feel achieved from the sponging technique is additional organic in appearance. Natural or synthetic sponges are used for this procedure, and each achieves a several result. With the factitious sponging, a low-density polyether, polyester or PVA is used. The result of the sponge painting techniques is the creation of rather textured abstract patterns of great depth and color that appears somewhat including a plaster impact and even marbling.

Spackle compound, thinned drywall mud, rollers, a painting tray and color are several major supplies which might be needed right through this system. The popularity of this method of painting was far better in the 1980s and 1990s. Preparing the Walls
Before you commence painting, prepare your walls by washing them with soap or a tiny quantity of bleach in water. Once the walls are able, apply latex primer and let it dry thoroughly.

The walls are painted the bottom color, the highlight paint is mixed having a glaze, as well as the glazed mixture is sponged or ragged on most effective of the bottom coat. You have fairly a few possibilities just inside textured paint to choose from. Tired of paying for pricey paintbrushes? Well, make your personal painting implements, as an alternative ! You can paint having a rubber band, a twig, a sponge, a toothbrush or a large number of other issues from around the home. Go on, use your imagination with regards to watercolour painting techniques.

This is likely one of the best and most well-known techniques. You can do a sponged/ragged glaze. There are a couple of variations to this, yet that is the basics. four. Keep asking yourself what would make a valuable paintbrush as you go about your daily activities.

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