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Posted by moviegoer from the Home and Garden category at 28 Jun 2011 11:42:05 am.
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Turn your log house into a cozy cabin in the pines or lake lodge with colors that balance your decor. Here is a easy look at color schemes, the 3 parts of the scheme, and a few tips on how to use them creatively for your log cabin decorating. More than 50% of your design scheme is a permanent color with depth and texture.

There is inherently a strong fixed design part of cabins: wood. Wood also adds richness and atmosphere that make cabins so desirable in the first place so work with it, don't fight it. The wood itself provides one hue you will have to work with - whether it is oak, cherry stain, grey weathered or no matter what.

You want to steer clear of having just one hue for all the components of your log home. This is what makes decorating a cabin a little more difficult than a traditional home. Another thing in decorating a cabin is that most cabins have an open floor plan without a delineation of rooms.

Look at interior decorating trends, always a fantastic indicator of which colours are in vogue. Therefore, while you see the colours of a couple of beds, you will have an idea as to what would suit your room and then go for it. Allocating color all the way through each and every room creatively and stylishly will define each and every space without closing off the openness.

A few channels for distributing color in these areas are with flooring, upholstery, wall hangings and throw blankets. HGTV is an obvious selection of course, but also take a look at companies like Pottery Barn, or Sherwin-Williams, who article color forecasts on their web site.

Also, there are frequently accessories displayed with the bed like huge cushions and soft toys and so on. Also, bed sheets are placed and lights or lamps are placed to create the texture. This theme thrives on blacks and whites, highlighted the use of red and blue, which gives the room depth, and a small amount of gold can also be used to create a luxurious feel. Perhaps you do not fancy any of these and would prefer to head east with an Asian style room.

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