How To Make Your Garden More Lively With A Bird Bath

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Posted by Mark from the General category at 04 Oct 2022 05:30:30 am.
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Having a big garden means nothing if no birds are chirping around. Wherever you live, there will always be certain bird species in your area. While many people have a bird feeder in their garden to help the bird population and draw more birds to their yard, baths designed for birds are yet to increase in popularity. Most people consider a bird bath an add-on to medieval gardens and zoos. Decorated marble baths are a sight to behold, but if you want to see more birds in your backyard, you should know that there are cheap and efficient options on the market. Making one yourself is also an option.

What Benefits Does a Bird Bath Offer?

The first thing you think of when you see this particular bath might be drinking water for the birds, but that is not the only benefit it provides. On hot summer days, water may be scarce, and birds gather to drink water at your bird bath. Heat stress is dangerous for bird species too, and most birds need to drink at least twice a day to maintain good hydration. During cold winter days, most water sources will be frozen. A running water source will help birds survive the winter.

The second reason a bath in your garden benefits birds is that it can be used for cleaning. Feathers need to be cleaned frequently to stay free of parasites. Clean feathers also have more air between the layers, providing the bird’s insulation. Another reason clean feathers are essential for bird survival is that they are more streamlined. They will be able to escape predators easier with clean feathers.

Where Should You Put the Bird Bath?

Where you choose to put your bird bath will affect how many bird visitors you will get. It is ideal for putting the bath near the bird feeder, but you must ensure it is not directly under it. If you do so, food droppings may collect in the water, and the water will turn bad. It is best to pick a shady spot for the hot summer days.

There can be cats or other predators lurking around, so make sure you put the bath near a place that provides bird cover. For example, if there’s a tree nearby, it can provide both shade and cover for the bird visitors. On the other hand, if it’s on the ground level, avoid putting it in dense vegetation where cats can lurk silently.

How To Make a Bird Bath Yourself

You can make it yourself if you don’t want to invest in a brand new one. Common household items can be used to create one. Different pants, trash can lids, or baking trays are great for starters. All these items are shallow and can hold water inside. After you select the container you will use, it is time to make it more adequate for birds. There are specific steps you need to take to ensure efficacy:
  • Add pieces of gravel, sand, or little stones to make the surface area ideal for bird feet. They won’t use it if it is too slippery.
  • One inch (2.5 cm) is the ideal depth for most bird species. Even if large species need up to 3 inches (10.5cm) of water depth, they can still benefit from shallower water.
  • The material you will use needs to be easy to clean. You will need to clean it often, so it’s best to pick the right material.
  • If you place it on high ground, you need to ensure it is heavy enough, so the wind currents won’t make it fall. You can use different objects as anchors.
  • Don’t place it in a spot where birds can be an easy target for predators. The bath should offer good visibility and some cover.
  • Change the water often in winter and place some ping pong balls in it to keep the surface area moving.
  • Clean it every day. Your bath can become a poisonous bird environment if you don’t keep it clean.
bird feeder

Why Having a Bird Feeder Will Make Your Garden an Oasis

Having bird baths in your garden will surely bring in a lot of flying visitors, but if you want your garden to draw even more birds, you should have at least one bird feeder. Water is the most important aspect of survival for birds, but providing food for them will ensure they visit your garden often or even make nests in your trees. Birds generally build their nests in an area where they can find both food and water, so they won’t leave their young chicks alone for too long.

You can find bird feeders in most pet stores around the country, but if you are into DIY stuff, you can make one yourself. Like the baths, placing them in a good spot to lower the danger of predators nearby is essential. It would be best to research the bird species in your area so you can pick the right design. Using appropriate food for the bird species in your area is also important. Do not put bread or other cooked food in their feeders. You can do a quick Google research about the general bird diet or ask pet store employees.

Having birds in your garden is a beautiful feeling, primarily when you know you provide them with much-needed resources for their survival. Reading a book or relaxing while birds are chirping around will make you feel more connected to nature and make the activity more exciting. Having both a bird feeder and a bird bath in your backyard will ensure you will get a lot of winged visitors while also helping their species survive. Water and food are essential resources for birds since they do well in building their shelters for harsh weather. You can even expect to see them get friendlier towards you and get near you after a while.
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