Patriots fans travel extensively in madden 23

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Reggie Wayne shows up to announce the Colts pick:"I I know you're not booin'. C'mon Tennessee. You've played the Colts 20 times in 10 years, and won three games. "savage

The most shocking thing is that it's not an exaggeration. The Titans have won exactly three times in their 20 matches against the Colts during the last decade. Roasted.

David Tyree, New York Giants

Patriots fans travel extensively in particular to an AFC rival , with tickets at a bargain. New Englanders have been awash in Adelphia Coliseum LP Field Nissan Stadium for home games in years ago, and it stands to reason there will be a healthy group in Music City for a draft that Bill Belichick holds 12 picks -- including five on Day 2.

They're not likely to be pleased to meet the man who saved their favorite team from having a perfect season.

Tyree only received four postseason receptions during his seven seasons, but three of them came against the Patriots during Super Bowl XLII. One of them was a fourth quarter touchdown. Another was one of the most spectacular catches in Super Bowl history:

Tyree's biggest claim to fame is the helmet catch that was instrumental in helping New York get rid of New England's hopes of a 19-0 2007 campaign. There's no doubt it'll be brought up in the event he's selected as the Giants 3rd-round selection this Friday. It's a given that Patriots fans who are sufficiently lubricated on a Friday night, will boo the hell out of him.
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