Maple Story – The Demon Slayer is Here!

Posted by smrtsmith from the Agriculture category at 07 Jan 2019 01:54:07 am.
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Nexon Europe today introduces the newest Demon Slayer hero class for MapleStory inside third and final Legends update.
The three-part Legends Update series draws having a close when using introduction while using fiercely powerful Demon Slayer. The three new Heroes – Cannoneers, Mercedes now the Demon Slayer each bring individual MapleStory 2 Mesos skills about the battle and fight together for ones Resistance.
Many years back, the Demon Slayer was really a powerful Commander around the Black Magicians, but now fights to your Resistance. Hidden in just a mighty exterior can be quite a mysterious soul filled up with sorrow and revenge. Discover the dark secrets around the Demon Slayer – what caused him disappear the Black Magicians and seek revenge.
Use Demon Force energy (as an option to MP) to fight monsters using exclusive Demon weapons along while Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos using Demon Aegis shield. Utilize many inside the mighty demonic skills like ‘Demon Lash’ – a dark power whip attack, ‘Soul Eater’ – for getting enemies closer and ‘Raven Storm’ – Summons a flock of ravenous Ravens to mutilate the enemy. The Demon Slayer is really a robust force to get reckoned with, as long as they remains from the side within the Resistance, the battle is ours Maplers! Time to intensify and fight!

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