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Posted by Impacteers Club from the Careers category at 01 Jul 2022 09:39:56 am.
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Are you looking to step into the world of technology? Well, the space is open to you, but if you are having trouble with getting your job applications to go just right, you are in the perfect place.

Your job application must be a combination of direct communication, keywords, and template shortcuts. Read on to find out how to curate the perfect job application for tech companies of all sizes.

A job application will have the following things that you will be required to provide or fill:


Cover letter

Educational background

Coding portfolio

References, if any

Employment history information

Professional certifications

Link to your LinkedIn/Portfolio

Coding tests

Personal essay

Behavioral tests

Citizenship status

Depending on the company you apply to, the wait to be hired can vary. Some companies do it in a matter of days, while other companies might even take up to two months to complete the hiring process.

The process of filling up and submitting each application for all the job openings might seem daunting, but you can fasten the process with templates that will help you create template resumes, Cover letters and portfolios.

What do tech HRs look for in an applicant?

Before HR even gets to see your application, it must get through the applicant tracking system (ATS) software.

An ATS is an online database that most tech companies use to collect and prioritize resumes based on specific keyword searches. You can have a higher chance of passing if your resume has keywords that align with the job description.

After this, HR will decide if and how well you fit the company and the open position.

Are you a good fit for the role?

You will be selected if your work history matches the requirements in the job description. Things that will be taken into consideration are:

Years of experience

Industries worked in

Skills you have

Education level

No one looks for and sticks to a 100% match with requirements, so even if one or more things are missing, do go ahead and apply for the opening!

Creating a stellar job application

Take notes

Read and study the job description. Underline, highlight, or note down key features like core responsibilities, necessary skills and more.

Creating your CV

When creating your CV, align it with the job description by adding keywords used in the description, emphasizing specific skills, and emphasizing star credentials.

PS: A great CV should not be more than one or two pages.

Writing a cover letter

A cover letter helps persuade your prospective employer that you are great for the position.

A normal cover letter is anywhere from three paragraphs to one full page.

Providing references

Usually, a job position application asks you to submit two or three references. These references can include:


Immediate supervisors



Answering salary expectations

If a job application asks you to quote a salary, do your thing, but always add, “open to negotiation.” By doing this, you seem like a flexible person and avoid the trap of asking for less too early in the game.

After submitting the job applications, track them by noting down:

When you applied

Where you applied

The version of CV submitted

How important the opening is for you

Plus, the link to the site and login credentials

This information is vital, and you can note them down on paper, on a document online or use the help of a job tracker provided by impacteers.club

Following up is important, and you might think it would make you look desperate. But after a window of no response, it is okay to ask for an update, it will help you cross off the opening in your notes and close it off.
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