How to choose the best PHP web development company

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Posted by jcasptechnologies from the Technology category at 09 Oct 2018 06:01:31 pm.
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Your quest to hire the best PHP web development company indicates that you are knowledgeable about the benefits surrounding the use of PHP language for website designing. PHP language is a server supporting coding script which allows to collect data from forms on your website or receive the cookie information, and many other benefits listed below.

Benefits of PHP
It is an open source code
It is inexpensive as it is free for download and usage
It allows a high level of data encryption
User access restrictions can be placed
Integration of PHP with HTML is easy for embedding purpose
PHP supports a large quantity of data, so Heavy loads of user traffic is easily handled

Important questions to research
Based on the requirement to either upgrade an existing website or to create a new website for the launch of your business on the internet, Intensive research is a mandate to make the right choice of PHP web development company.
Take a printout of the following questions as they will help in making your choice faster

Review Portfolio of the web development company
A quick look at the portfolio will let you gauge if the company is diversified in their designs and services as they claim to be. The own website showcasing the company portfolio will give you a deep insight into how much thought they have put into creating and marketing their own brand and how much value they can bring to your business project.

Review Client Testimonials

Post-viewing the portfolio, ensure to check for previous client’s testimonials allowing you to make a fair judgement on the satisfaction rate of previous client’s.

Verify Company history and experience

Try to understand the company history briefly and ask for the type of experience the PHP
web developer team consists of. A group of experienced team members will bring a variety of practical advice and solutions for your business needs to be marketed well.

Pricing models and Payment Modes

As you have allotted a budget for the website creation or upgrade, ensure to get a clear
understanding of the price for the PHP based services being offered and how they are applied to your requirements. Work on identifying if there is a customized package or a standard package is being offered with the exact details of services in both. This will help you to cut down on unrequited services from a standard package and possibly replace with other services to make it a value pack.

Check for additional expenses such as post-completion maintenance cost and how additional ad-hoc requirement in changes, if you request, would be priced. Verify if you would need to hire PHP website developer from the company who would be responsible for future upgrades and maintenance while providing a 24x7 support post project completion and how that would be priced

Project timelines and Business understanding

Before the final step of hiring the company, get details on the time that the company will
require to understand your business function and when they anticipate to complete your project. Ask details about the team who would be assigned the project and their availability in case you need to reach them directly. Having a dedicated team assigned to your project will help in faster completion and effective communication between both parties.

NDA and other ownership policies

The E-Commerce market is highly competitive and there is a huge risk of a breach in data security. Ensuring that the web development company you hire has a non-disclosure agreement policy will provide a guarantee of the work ethics the company believes in and that your competitors won’t know of the business strategies you are planning.
Also, Find out who would own the project and its pieces and the contract policy.

Above questions will help you immensely to make the right choice and hire the best PHP web development company for your website requirements.
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