MapleStory: Selling NX/Gear for RL cash

Posted by Cszcy from the Agriculture category at 14 May 2018 02:02:57 am.
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While I see the downsides of buying/selling items for real life currency (or Paypal), I see the reasons why players resort to Maplestory Mesos despite it being against the Terms of Service. From the game's market, there are too many items that transcend the maximum amount of mesos traded / held by a character in 1 transaction, and this doesn't always have to be the case for actual stat-increasing equipment.

Trying to turn a profit from such items (that Nexon had stated previously was one of the focuses of Style Boxes being tradable initially to help players earn legitimate profit from the buying of NX) necessitates either solely trusting in a player they will trade them immediately after trading 10 billion mesos and give the remaining amount. . Or resorting to selling the item through methods like Paypal, where it at least protects the person somewhat in the cause of fraud.

I have sadly never had the chance of getting items which were worth 10bil+ (or at least ones which I'd look at selling), but for me personally, unless I knew the person very well, I would feel uncomfortable selling the thing through normal means when there is far too much risk for the player of being scammed or cared for. This is only one of the main reasons why I enjoy continuing to provide the /insert free marketplace website name here, as it helps safeguard all maplers, regardless of their economic status in-game out of malicious efforts to take advantage of others, or purposeful mis-pricing. Knowledge is power.

So to sum up this, I don't agree with the idea of players needing to earn item transactions through other means outside of this sport, but I know it and don't really hold it against them. Nor do I feel as it is that much of a problem that it's impacting the match negatively in any way. If the merchandise isn't exploited, officially created by a participant, and the player has spent their own money cubing or improving the product, they deserve the right to turn a profit from it without the chance of losing their investment due to a lack of performance in the game itself.

Even in the instance of a player getting money through Paypal rather than their money directly likely to Nexon, in most cases that cash still finds it's way back to Nexon somehow or another; whether it's the buying of more NX (for this seller's stores), cubing, or so forth to create additional pre-cubed items to sell for profit. I conducted a poll in my host a couple years ago and about 80 percent of gamers that sold items out of the game stated that they'd usually wind up spending 60-70 percent of the money that they receive back to the match again. To make things more realistic (depending on your server of course), if a player spends300-450 to find a Frenzy Totem from a player who got one from Marvel Machine, it is anticipated that the vendor will likely spend a good $50-150 on more Marvel Machine spins to attempt to make more profit. That is still profit for Nexon at a large degree, especially once you think about the number of items that normally go past 10bil.Hello, guys, welcome to maplestory2 mesos, today we are going to chat about Jett Revamp, a lot of you've experienced this new upgrade already, but you might not understand what's happened with Jett? As a Jett who had been 175 earlier this upgrade and enjoyed it, now 200 awaiting the 5th job improvement, here are the ideas that come to mind about this upgrade.

First and foremost - miss the old leap, the new jump is simply slow to the point at which I personally don't find it useful anymore. Second - The UI still alarms me that I need to assign 10 skill points, but eveything is maxed. Wish it might clear it by just opening the skill tab, but it's always there.

Even using additional buff durration from IA and Legion, I get 2 minutes of these fans. Which would not really bother mepersonally, but when mobbing and functioning up combo hits, the cartoon is extremely slow, particularly for Bonic Maximizer, that I have a tendency to reset my combo hits while trying to rebuff constantly tried with and without a macro, no gap. I ended up using StarFall since the animation/cast time is extended, to rebuff myself so I can keep my combo counts moving. Jett's native buffs lasted at most 4 minutes (with the excpetion of Bonic Maximize and Slip Stream at two minutes which I do not think they're affected by any excess enthusiast length) but my maple warrior is 20 minutes when compared with all the excess buff duration a massive gap IMO.

Primarily use it in combo with Starline and Cosmic Upheavel when mobbing, I have discovered that when a monster awakens and rolls me, it cuts the skill short mid animation sometime canceling it all together or when I do a fast tap of that ability button it cancels itself out. I really do feel that it's range could be longer and the skill stronger as a 30 point ability in stead of a 20. I really do want Falling Stars to Back Up Beatdown because it is a lot easier to use and feels more satisfying when finishing a mob.

Back Up Beatdown - Entirely get the concept of the skill and I think that it could be good, but there are many factors you have to think about while using it. It is great that it hits monsters both infront and behind me, but the excess damage at the conclusion, is on monsters ahead, so I have to retap the skill and change direction so as to clear that monster group depending on what I am facing and where the critters have proceed to. Doesn't feel like satisifying as Falling Stars when draining a mob and feels unsuccessful when bossing, especially a boss about the run like Magnus.

Singularity Shock - what's with the awful cast animation pre and post revamp? Because it takes so long, the monster targeted, usually an elite, by the time the ability has been casted and begins the attack sequence, the creature has moved along with the ability does not actually hit anything. Jett's whole attack theme is speed, so why slow it down to a standstill with this skill that may or may not really reach the targeted monster also takes long to begin attacking? The ability feels out of place and clunky in comparison to the remainder of Jett's rate themed skills and in comparison to other courses attack skills.

Star Fall - incoming nerf from what I hear and I undestand why some may believe its over powered. Personally, it's not the fastest skill in the Earth, involving cast delay and assaulting reallly only found it usefull when recasting buffs and also a quickish map/ledge clear before beginning my map path again. It also has a small attack range compared to Kanna's and Wind Archer's full map attacks among others.

Overall I really doesn't really feel like an update/revamp, Jett might be a bit more powerful that in was a year ago, I didn't enhance her equipments getting to 200, but the buffs and abilities stayed primarily the same.

Finally, please remember that maplestory2 mesos can offer your maplestory 2 mesos with low cost and pleasurable customer support, all you want to do is put an order and waitting to recieve your own mesos!

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